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Makeup Favourites – Brushes

Another series on my blog that I’m sharing & loving at the minute is my ‘Makeup Favourites‘. Today I’m sharing some of my favourite brushes. After all there the tools that make creating looks so easy. I find very little more satisfying then new/clean makeup brushes – I almost feel bad using them!


  • ‘T1’ – Cocoa Brown – an ideal round flat headed stippling brush.
  • ‘A002, Angled Foundation’ – Spectrum Collections – brilliant for full coverage foundation application.
  • ‘F101 Tapered Foundation’ – Urban Decay – the densely packed bristles of this brush as though its a beauty blender, plus the tapered finish make it brilliant for getting in all the angled of the face.
  • ‘Expert Face’ – Real Techniques – the packed bristles allow for full coverage, I like the weight of this brush in my hand too.


  • ‘Concealer Brush’ Real Techniques –  Works great with a number of different products & fits well in all the different area of my face.
  • ‘F110 The Finger’ Urban Decay – Its like using your finger the amount of control you have, plus the densely packed bristles make it feel as though you’re using a sponge, plus little to no waste of product.

Powder –

  • ‘A00 Large Powder’ Spectrum Collections – Soft, pretty & light weight ideal for travelling. My go to powder brush for sure.
  • ‘101 Arched Powder’ Real Techniques – Pretty & feels great on the face.


  • ‘T2’ Cocoa Brown – rectangle flat headed brush that I love, its so soft & makes for flawless application.
  • ‘C02 Flat Top Contour’ Spectrum Collections –probably my favourite contour brush, so soft, works well with cream, liquid & powder products & so pretty.
  • ‘301 Flat Contour’ Real Techniques, So soft & pretty, plus a good weight & shape in my hand.


  • ‘A05 Precision Blush’ Spectrum Collections – Ideal for applying a little & building up product. Again such a pretty brush & brilliant for travelling.
  • ‘F107 Diffusing Blush’ Urban Decay – fits perfectly on the apples of my cheeks, so soft & allows product to be built up.


  • ‘B05 Luxe Blender’ Spectrum Collections – I love this for highlighting all the high points of my face, its so soft, picks up product perfectly & again like the other spectrum brushes, ideal for travelling.


  • ‘A14 Winged Definer’ Spectrum Collections – Ideal for brows & liner, its works great with many different products & its definitely my first reach.
  • ‘Brow Brush’ Real Techniques –  Much thicker & densely packed bristles make it better for brows, I like the shape & works with both liquid & powder product.
  • ‘Silicone Liner’ Real Techniques – Only recently have started to really use this, but love it for precise application on product when doing winged liner.
  • ‘E217 Essential Eye Tool’ Urban Decay – One of the handiest brushes/tools I bought, such great quality & so durable. Having a spoolie at one end & have a brow comb & lash comb on the other.


  • ‘Naked Smoky Palette Brush’ Urban Decay – double-ended brush, a tapered Crease brush & a smoky smudger on the other. Idea for creating a sultry smokey eye.
  • ‘E201 Iconic Eyeshadow’ Urban Decay – Love it for blending out shadows.
  • ”E2016 Flat Eyeshadow’ Urban Decay – Brilliant for packing on shadows/pigments.
  • ‘200 Oval Shadow’ Real Techniques – its round shape allows for all over coverage in almost one sweep, as well as seamless blending.
  • ‘201 Pointed Crease’ Real Techniques – having the densely packed, tapered bristles it makes creating a smokey effect easy.
  • ‘B06 Tall Tapered Blender’ Spectrum Collections – pretty & makes blending easy, so soft. I like to use it to highlight my brow bones also.
  • ‘A07 Colour Applicator’ Spectrum Collections – packing on colour & creating a smokey look is easy, I definitely use this brush a lot.
  • ‘A12 Fluffy Pencil’ Spectrum Collections – allows me to create great depth to my crease & highlight areas around my eyes.
  • ‘A13  Short Smudge’ Spectrum Collections – the perfect smudger brush, also allows you to build & pack up colour.


  • ‘A15 Lip Liner’ Spectrum Collections – So pretty & mega soft. Works well with so many product formulations. A must have in my makeup bag.
  • ‘Retractable Lip Brush’ Real Techniques – I like this brush & being retractable is ideal for my handbag.

So there it is, a run through of my favourite brushes, my makeup brush must haves! I’d love to know your favourites? Is there any brands you’d recommend? – Cruelty free preferably. Please feel free to comment, I love hearing from you.

 As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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