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My Blog & Me!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday its just today is a milestone day for me – My blog is 1 year old. I can’t believe it – I been blogging for 1 whole year, two posts a week, 106 posts over a range of topics. I haven’t missed publishing a post & to be honest that was my biggest goal & accomplishment.

I’ll admit I didn’t set myself to many goals. I began my blog as a way to express myself, my thoughts & opinions, as well as my love of so many products & topics. It was about keeping a routine & structure in my week, to speak about things I’ve an interest in so I’m not annoying my nearest & dearest to much. If only one person reads my post I don’t mind, its hitting the publish button that gives me the most joy, but I do admit when I see several people have read, liked & maybe even commented I smile from ear to ear. I’ll never forget when I started to see my social media accounts grow, even though the numbers may seem small to others there huge to me & more then I could have imagined.

This coming year I hope to continue & steadily grow my blog. Stick with posting two posts a week, maybe an odd extra one if I can. I want to continue & try harder with my social media accounts, put a bit more thought into them & hopefully they will grow. I want to keep my love of writing & posting, making sure it doesn’t feel like chore.

So a little about me & my blog:

My routine –  I post twice a week, Monday & Fridays. With the hope maybe one day increasing it to three days, adding in Wednesday. Who knows..

The process – I try to have a brain storming session at least once a week, thinking of ideas on a range of topics. I note them all down, writing key words & photo ideas. I them schedule the post (date, time, tags, link etc.) I then begin to write, read, then edit & finally add photos.

The name – I want something different, having little or nothing to do with my name. I’ve been obsessed with mermaids since little, so was only natural to use this. I then adds a few close friends & my brother for any of their ideas. I wanted to include the idea of my own thoughts & ideas & that’s when when brothers said ‘Retrospect of a Mermaid’ & I instantly loved it! I feel it suits me & my style of blog & I love even more that I can shorten it down to RoaM, because I nickname everything & everybody around me!

Social Media – I’ve always been a fan of them & felt only natural to grow sites linked to my blog. I love Twitter & find it brilliant for interaction with others that share my interests. I try to post several times a day, even if just retweeting. I like Instagram but have that ‘hate’ that goes along with it – yanno the whole gain 10 followers, loose 12 followers is very boring. I try to post 3 times a day, showing a little glimpse of parts of my day. At times I’ll admit its not possible but I do try my best to stay regular with posting, I hope maybe one day I’ll find a theme. I really enjoy Tumblr & hope within the coming year that I can grow it & put more effort into it.

Anyway this is becoming a bit of a long read. If you’ve made it this far – Thanks. I want to thank everyone who reads, likes, comments & follows my blog & accounts. It means so much & your support is much appreciated.

Anyway I’d love to hear from you, maybe if you have a similar post in relation to your blog/social media accounts, please link them to me, I’d love the read! If there’s anything you’d like to know or posts you’d like to see, just comment & I’ll do my very best!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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