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Personal: Making Changes, Little By Little

Making changes is often not easy, but little by little with determination you can do it. I love animals very much & want to make a difference when it comes to there welfare, so this means making changes in the things I use & eat.

So the things I eat: I’ve always liked the idea of being a vegetarian & I admire anyone who is one, for whatever reason. So for the last year or some I’ve been thinking of trying to make the change & become a vegetarian. So for that last month & a bit I’ve been making the change. I only eat meat 3 times a week (Friday – Sunday), so Monday to Thursday I try to stick with a vegetarian diet, although one or two meals I might have some fish. I struggle with fish, because I really enjoy the taste & flavours. But what I’ve said to myself is that with every little bit of change I’m making a difference. Eventually I’d like to have a vegetarian diet full time, if not 6 days of the week. (Maybe leaving one day to have a roast dinner or some fish). I’ll admit I don’t miss meat too much apart some a tasty steak or chicken wings. I find having Quorn with meals makes for great flavour & texture. I want to reduce my dairy intake also, more because to much dairy is tough on my stomach.

The things I use: Over the last year I’ve began to really focus on products that I use & try to ensure they are Cruelty Free, so Not Tested On Animals. I can admit now that at least 90% of the products I use are cruelty free, I’m just struggling with a hair dye brand really. I’d love some suggestions? Makeup has been the biggest area I make changes & I’m delighted with the large number of quality brands both affordable & luxury that are cruelty free! In terms of clothing I’ve never really been a fan of leather or fur, so I’m not to bother. Plus Faux options are becoming more well known & affordable.

So there it is, a little about the small changes I’m making little by little. My attitude is that every little helps & if I continue to make changes I’m doing my bit. I’d love to know your opinions? Have you any suggestions/tips that could help me? Feel free to comment, I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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