Spectrum Collections – Black Marbleous

I can’t believe I own even more Spectrum brushes! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such photogenic brushes in my life, seriously I personally think these are brush goals if ever there were!

I’ll let you know it’s a bit of a read & very photo heavy, I had to share the beauty.

What makes these brushes even more special is the fact that I won them – I entered an Instagram competition that Spectrum had in connection with Edge Of Ember. Honestly I forgot I had entered & was having a crazy few stressful weeks, then one day I sat down with lunch & went onto Instagram had have the notifications saying I had won. I actually cried, it made my week! I also won a stunning piece of jewellery that I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.

So the brush set I received was the ‘Black Marbleous, 12 piece set’ they can be purchased online for €80.20/£69.98/$85.99. I find this great value – think of it, you’re getting 12 brushes, both face & eyes. With each being handmade – all that effort, love & time that goes into each & every brush! I’ll say it every time about these brushes but most importantly they are cruelty free, they are even Vegan registered, so that means NO animal are harmed in the making of these brushes! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, I couldn’t have more respect for this company if I tried. Their morals as well as attention to detail & quality is just outstanding. They deserve every bit of success they are receiving!

So this set is stunning, having the shiny black handles with rose gold details & grey ombre bristles they scream classy. These are some of the softest brushes I’ve used, to think they are synthetic its crazy. The set contains 12 luxury brushes, 9 face & 3 detailing, ideal for eyes & lips.

(A guide to Spectrum brushes just in case you didn’t know: A – Application B – Blending & Buffing  C– Contouring)

So the Brushes:

-C01, Large Fan – a large fanned face brush, ideal for bronzer & highlight. Works perfectly on both the face & body, all about those collar bones.

-A00, Luxe Powder – a soft, densely packed large brush (the largest head brush of the whole range) means it picks up product well, ideal for translucent powder or bronzer. Seriously though, it’s just so soft!

-C07, Luxe Tapered Sculptor  – a tapered foundation brush ideal for light application of highlighter & setting under eye powder. Its a newer brush closely compared to the C03, but more tapered, so gives more of an airbrush finish & who doesn’t want that!

-A02, Angled Foundation – makes for easy application of foundation, the densely packed  bristles work well with cream & liquid products, brilliantly making product go further, as well as giving a heavier coverage. This brush is ideal for cream contouring, as the angled edge gives precision. So I’ll be a sculpted mermaid goddess in no time!

-C02, Flat Top Contour – perfect for precise blending & buffing of contour, can be used with cream liquid & powder product. This brush makes it possible to build & then flawlessly blend out the contour to make it almost natural looking, nothing worse than looking like a tiger when it’s no longer Halloween.

-A20, NEW Luxe Flat Foundation – I love this for cream foundation – it allows for perfect application, even into the small areas around my nose. I’m so excited by this brush shape.

-A05, Precision Blush – repeat after me: ‘its always about looking natural!’, so this brush makes highlighting & shading of the face a fast & easy process. You can use as little product as you like, or even build it up. It makes adding colour to your face even more fun.

-A21, NEW Luxe Highlight – The perfect highlight brush, I love it & along with the A10 I don’t know how I ever manage before I had these beauties.

-A16, Precision Crease – I love using this with lip products! It’s also ideal for applying cream/powder products to the eyelids. Cut crease is hugely popular trend at the moment & this beauty makes it that bit easier. It also allows you to highlight the inner corner of the eye, as well as smudging out your lower lash line.

-A14, Brow Definer – it’s all about those brows but what I love most is that it’s a multi purpose brush: so you can use it to fill in your brows with gel/powder/even wax or to get a defined eye as it creates a stunning flick using gel liner.

-A09, Angled Eyeliner – The thinnest brush allows for percise application of cream, gel or liquid liner. Having the angle makes for extra control. It’s made me fall in love with using pot liners.

-A10, Small Fan – Highlight & powder apply perfectly, while excess product sweeps away easily. I don’t know how I managed to highlighting before I had this beauty.

Seriously I could chat on & on about these brushes, products & company – I honestly love everything about them! So what about you, do you love Spectrum products? What brush sets do you own? What one would you advise me to purchase next? Feel free to comment I love hearing from you all.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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