Barry M ‘Lip Kits’

Lip kits are items that have grown in popularity, espcially since the release of Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. I’d love to try some of the Kylie Lip Kits, but I’ll admit to you now – between the price & shipping, plus the dreaded customs charge I just can’t justify myself making a purchase. So when I read about the Barry M ‘Matte Me Up’ Lip Kits I had to make a purchase. Hearing that drugstores are developing similar products that are easier & more afforable to purchase has been a huge boost to my bank account. So I ventured into my local Boots store & wanted to swatched them before I made a purchase. Having heard that there was some Limited Edition shades available in Boots/Superdrug I said I’d have a look at these too. The Limited Edition shades include: ‘Go To’ ‘Pose’ & ‘Runway’. So as I said I swatched them & pottered around town, continually looking at each shade & eventually I choose two shades – ‘Pose‘ & ‘Go To‘. (Yup cause I needed more nude shades in my lip collection) What made it perfect for me was I could purchase them on points *Happy Dance* These Limit Edition shades retail at the very reasonable price of €9/£6.99.

So the lip kits are described as ‘non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula’ that is very easily applied & gives a bold finish. I (like most) feel its a very running formula but dries quickly & gives a very pigmented full coverage finish. Pretty packaging & a sturdy applicator, continue to add to the list of reasons to but. I’ll admit I had to reapply after eating, but really can’t complain. Each kit includes a matte liquid lip paint & matching lip liner, just think of that, two great quality products for such a reasonable price.

So the shades: ‘Go To’ is a cool toned brown, from most reviews I’ve seen its meant to be an ideal dupe for Kylie’s Dolce K, while ‘Pose’ is a pinky nude, similar to Kylie’s Koko K. A little how to: the typical ‘line your lip for more definition with the smooth & highly pigmented liner. Then fill in & enhance the colour using the Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint.’

I’m delighted I go to try these shades & hope to use some of the other shades in their ‘Matte Me Up’ range. So have you tried any of the Barry M lip kits? If you’ve tried any Kylie lip kits would you recommend them? Is their any other brands that have lip kits you’d recommend? Love hearing from you so feel free to comment.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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