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Read It: Pippa, Simple Tips To Live Beautifully

Time again for ‘Read It‘, my monthly series of book recommendations. I’m loving sharing some of the books that I love. This month I want to share ‘Pippa, Simple Tips to Live Beautifully’.

Written by the incredible talented & beautiful Pippa O’Connor. Pippa is a mummy to two little boys, a wife & incredibly hard working lady. Having worked closely with Blank Canvas she released here pretty ‘Pippa Palette‘ then went on to released this incredible book ‘Pippa, Simple Tips to Live Beautifully’. And her newest venture ‘Poco‘ – seriously her jeans are stunning & I can’t wait to get a some in my wardrobe.

So back to the book – Throughout the book Pippa shares here story, alongside so many tips in a range of different areas. Fashion, Beauty (make up, hair & nails) & lifestyle (home, entertaining & travelling). Pippa shares pieces of truth that when applied to live, it really does make it beautiful.

Feeling beautiful & looking your best is important.. when you look awful, you feel awful.. it’s about making a little bit of effort to feel good about myself.

I highly recommend this read to any fashion/beauty/lifestyle lovers. It’s an easy yet interesting read, full of loads handy tips. I particularly loved the beauty & fashion sections. I’ll admit to you, fashion is one thing in the coming year I’d like to grow my interest in. So have you read this book from Pippa? Have you any fashion or beauty books you’d recommend?  Feel free to comment, I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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