Primark Pamper

There’s very little more that I love more then a long hot bubble bath & a pamper session, having the candles lit, drink in hand & just chill. I enjoy trying new products during these pamper sessions, so lately I’ve been trying some Primark (Penneys to those of us in Ireland) products.

In recents months Penneys have really upped their game, especially their beauty range. Having released so many products in their skincare/pamper range I had to give them a go. So I’ve been trying them for a while now & I’ll admit for the price they are such good quality. I always find it makes a difference to my skin, so I always try & have a pamper session at least once a week

So some of my favourite products from the range:

Face Masks – The have several in the range, from calming heat to bubble, peels, as well as sheet masks. I’ve tried most of them & really like them, the ‘Bubble’ one is brilliant, my skin felt great for a few days after use. I find the ‘Sheet’ masks great for when my skin looks dull or feels very dehydrated. I don’t like ‘peel’ masks in general, so try to avoid them all together – I just don’t find them comfortable & when it comes to removing them I’m often in tears. I wear the masks for about 15-30  minutes, I try to judge by the feeling of my skin.

The ‘Glow Clay Mask‘ is a brilliant deep cleansing mask, if my skin is very congested I like to use this twice a week for a few weeks & I notice the difference. I find it really soothing when my skin needs a little more TLC. I then like to add some ‘Glow Moisturiser‘ & let it settle in, then apply more again before bed.

Eye Patches – I often get very sore & itchy eyes, its rather irritating. I’ve found using the ‘cucumber’ ones to be fantastic for soothing my eyes, while the ‘vitamin E’ ones are great for puffiness just below the eyes, great if I’ve had a few nights with little sleep. I leave them on from as little as 10 minutes & as long as 30 minutes.

Lip Patches – The thought of this seemed strange & at first the texture was odd, but now I love them. After a day of matte lipstick these ‘lip’ masks are brilliant, plus the cranberry aroma is delicious. I love having this on for about 15 minutes, I notice a huge difference, my lips feels so much more hydrated & smooth.

Nose Stripes – Finding good quality, reasonably priced nose stripes can be difficult. I find these ones grand, like they aren’t amazing but I find they make enough difference to keep them in my pampering routine. I like to place one on my nose & one on my chin & leave them about 15-20 minutes. If my skin is very congested I will do it 3/4 times in the week.

Not skincare in relation to the face, but the ‘Foot Scrub & Cream‘ are fantastic. Once I’ve chilled for a while in the bath, I like to apply the scrub & give my feet a good rub, then I leave them for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. Once I’m out of the bath &  my feet are well dried I like to apply the cream & let it settle into the skin. The difference in the condition of my feet is amazing when I use this product on the regular.

So there is a quick run through of my Primark pamper, I highly recommend trying these products for yourself. They make for great affordable products, making it feasible to use them on the regular. I like to apply my face mask first, then apply the nose/eyes & lips at the same time, that’s just my personal preference. And again, I do this during my bath as I find it helps me relax extra, plus at this time it gives me a chance to pamper my hair & skin.

I’d love to hear from you – have you used any of these products? Do you have a pamper session? Have you any products (Primark or others) that you’d recommend? Please feel free to comment I love hearing from you.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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