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*Mont Bleu, Nail Care Products

The lovely people at Mont Blue kindly gifted me some products to try out. Now I'll admit I'm not the best when it comes to nail care - I'm a nail bitter! I'm almost ashamed, it's an awful habit I know, but I really struggle with it, especially when my anxiety is sky high. And before… Continue reading *Mont Bleu, Nail Care Products

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Home Inspo – Bathroom

It's that time of the month again to share some more of my home inspo with you, I'm loving it. As the months pass by I get more & more excited about sharing ideas. I genuinely feel that as people grow older often their love for having their own place & individual styles really grows… Continue reading Home Inspo – Bathroom

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My Makeup Wishlist

I haven't written a wishlist post in ages, so the excitement I have as I write this is huge! Now I'll keep this wishlist to just my makeup list, if I put a general all round wishlist it could get out of hand! I'll be linking most, if not all the products so feel to… Continue reading My Makeup Wishlist

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Getting To Know Me – A Disney Q&A

Happy National Pizza Party Day Lovelies! I hope you all have a lovely day & get to enjoy a little pizza & maybe even a little tipple of prosecco. So this post I'm going to be sharing my love of Disney, I guess like most its a love that's grown since my early childhood. So… Continue reading Getting To Know Me – A Disney Q&A

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QVCxTarte, 7 Piece ‘Maneater’ Must Have Makeup Collection & Bag

Tarte has been one of those companies I've has my eye on for ages & back in February I finally made my first purchase, the stunning 'Tarteist Pro Palette' (My palette run through is here). Since then I've been browsing again, because the quality of that palette has me sold on Tarte. In that browsing… Continue reading QVCxTarte, 7 Piece ‘Maneater’ Must Have Makeup Collection & Bag

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Music: Spotify

Nothing beats music on in the background or blaring through your earphones, whatever your preference may-be music is a part of most peoples day. I've always loved music but found myself not listening to it as much, even though I have an Ipod. Then my phone provider offered me 'Spotify Premium' as part of my… Continue reading Music: Spotify

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MAC, Look In A Box – Be Sensational Mini Lipsticks

I'll admit I'm between two places as to whether I agree with MAC & their views & actions in relation to animal testing. But I haven't let this stop me in wanting to try a product or two, so I've made a purchase. I'm a lipstick lover so felt it would be a good purchase… Continue reading MAC, Look In A Box – Be Sensational Mini Lipsticks