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My Colourpop Haul II

Grab a cuppa guys, its gonna be a long one, sharing some Colourpop love. I’m so excited to share my 2nd Colourpop Haul with you all. I love this brand & what I love even more is just how affordable it is – Although some do disagree, often something to do with shipping & custom costs (I’ve been lucky & always been able to avail of the ‘$50 free international shipping’ & not been caught with customs) But to me paying €4/€5 per product for such fantastic quality, I don’t see it being any better, well unless it was free. I honestly don’t think I could love the brand anymore – Well maybe if they had a store or branched out into further products such as foundation & concealer – who knows maybe in time!

So my Colourpop Haul part II:

A while back they announced their brushes & since then I’ve been eyeing them up & now they created this ‘brush set for $10 so I jumped at the chance to try them. It includes the ‘shader’ & ‘blender’ brushes. The brushes were created for using with the ‘Super Shock Shadows’ but work well with the ‘Pressed Powder Shadows’ too.

The ‘shader’ – a firm & flat brush ideal for detailing, allowing you to pack pigments for full coverage. While the ‘blender’ is fluffy & tappered to blend into the contours of your eyes. The pink handle with rose gold detailing makes them very pretty brushes to add to your collection, being so soft & washing well make them extra appealing & then add they are vegan make them a must buy in my eyes.


I’ve been looking for a new bronzer for a while, so seeing the ‘Bronze Me‘ in stock I said I’d give it a go. A matte ‘creme powder’ formula is similar in texture to the super shock shadows, making it build-able, while blending smoothly.

They recommend using a synthetic flat brush to give full coverage. While reminding you to tighten the packaging up or else it could dry out.


I love their lip products, their ‘Tootsi‘ is my most used lipstick to date. 💋💄❤️ So when I saw the ‘Hot To Trot‘ set for just $14.40 as they are selling them off I took it as a sign & said I’d give them a go. Having the matching lippie pencil & stix all in one is very handy.  So a quick ‘How To’ 1: Exfoliate & primer your list. 2. Line your lips with matching ‘pencil’, gives a fuller lip look. 3. Apply the matching ‘stix’. The ‘Finishes’ include: ‘Matte’ – long wearing, full coverage, comfortable to wear & loaded with pigment. While ‘Matte X’ is super matte, as though a liquid lip, with a velvety, lightweight feeling. While the Shades: A range of nudes& darks, both pinks, purples

  • Cookie: matte warm brown nude & Skimpy Pencil: soft pinky nude
  • Cami: Matte X cool-toned mauve & Bound Pencil: muted mauve
  • LBB: matte rich plum wine & LBB Pencil: rich plum wine
  • Trust Me: Matte X vivid true red & Bossy Pencil: classic blue red
  • Chateau: Matte X blackened red & Dukes Pencil: dark blackberry

I’ll admit the pencils are very fragile & break easily with too much pressure. But I love how handy these are, having a lipstick & liner in one is very handbag friendly.


Finally I’ve gotten to try out their relatively new ‘Pressed Powder Shadows‘. When ordering they had a deal of ordering 4 shadows & getting an empty palette free, who doesn’t love ‘free’ anything, so of course I had to purchase 4 shadows. I went with something a little different colour wise & choose 4 bright shades –  Tiki: a matte yellow, Best Coast Scenario: a matte tangerine, 143: a matte lilac & Piece Of Cake: a matte indigo. Some exciting summer shades!

The ‘Pressed Powder Shadow’ formula are highly pigmented. They are long wearing, very silky & comfortable to wear & easy enough to blend & work with. Their ‘tips’ for applying – using a firm flat brush gives most colour pay off, using a fluffy brush to blend & even used alongside a liner brush to give a precise line to any eye look.

I’m delighted with this haul & already planning product for my next purchases. What can I say I’m hooked, it’s probably a good thing there isn’t a store or I’d be penny-less for sure. I’d love to hear from you – have you tried any Colourpop products? Any recommendations for me? Please comment or link me on your posts.
v> As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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