MAC, Look In A Box – Be Sensational Mini Lipsticks

I’ll admit I’m between two places as to whether I agree with MAC & their views & actions in relation to animal testing. But I haven’t let this stop me in wanting to try a product or two, so I’ve made a purchase. I’m a lipstick lover so felt it would be a good purchase as I’ll get good use of them, plus I’ve been lusting over ‘Velvet Teddy‘ for ages now.

In store there was the ‘Look In A Box – Be Sensational Mini Lipsticks’ for €39, it includes 5 lipsticks so I couldn’t say no (available here). Having 5 lipstick bullets 1.8g each, so an ideal handbag size lipstick, plus I thought this would be an ideal way to try out a number of shades at a cheaper cost, as these 5 cost just under the cost of 2 full size lipsticks. Each lipstick comes in a bullet shaped packaging that matches the lipstick shade.

The shades includes:

Velvet Teddy, a Matte deep-tone beige. This is the shade I wanted most of all, honestly its so pretty & wearable. I know this will be one I’ll reach for often.

Nouvelle Vouge, a Matte soft blue pink. I actually love this colour & think it’s very wearable.

Scene Stirrer, a Amplified Creme rich pink rose. I love that it’s a different finish & also that its a bit of a brighter pink, I don’t have a shade like this in my lipstick collection so far.

High Society, a Matte dusty coral. I struggle with corals, but I’m pleasantly surprised & think it’s a great spring/summer holiday shade.

Russian Red, a Matte intense bluish-red. It’s essential to have a few reds in your lipstick collection & I know this is gonna be used, even if not by me but on others.


(Left to Right – Russian Red, High Society, Scene Stirrer, Nouvelle Vogue & Velvet Teddy. )

I’m delighted with this purchase, the lipstick shades & finishes are lovely & the smell of them are amazing, a lovely subtle sweetness. As I said I know these will be lipsticks that I’ll use & will be ideal for my handbag. So have you used any of these shades? Are there any shades you recommend from MAC? Or maybe other products you’d recommend? Feel free to comment, or even link me your post(s) I love hearing from you.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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