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Music: Spotify

Nothing beats music on in the background or blaring through your earphones, whatever your preference may-be music is a part of most peoples day. I’ve always loved music but found myself not listening to it as much, even though I have an Ipod. Then my phone provider offered me ‘Spotify Premium’ as part of my monthly bill, for an extra €5 on top of what I normally paid I am now getting an extra 2G interest & Spotify! I’m one happy mermaid!

I have it both on my phone for on the go & on my Ipad for chilling around the house. I love that I can use it through Google Chrome & use the tv, makes it extra loud while I do the cleaning. I love so many things about spotify, honestly within the first week of having it I listened to more music then I had in almost a year.

I’m one for creating playlists, yanno the cheesy hits of your childhood/teenage years. Too the power ballads you scream along to, as well as favourite bands. My personal favourite playlist is my ‘Listen’ one, it has a random mix of music, that I find myself weekly adding to. It’s the best for sticking on shuffle & pottering about, whatever I many be doing!

So today’s post was just a quick chat about Spotify, I’d love to know what you do for music, both at home & on the go? Do you have it downloaded or use an app? Any music recommendations for me? I’m open to anything really (Disney to grim, to power ballads to pop punk!) I love hearing from you, so feel free to comment or link me your posts!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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