Getting To Know Me – A Disney Q&A

Happy National Pizza Party Day Lovelies!

I hope you all have a lovely day & get to enjoy a little pizza & maybe even a little tipple of prosecco. So this post I’m going to be sharing my love of Disney, I guess like most its a love that’s grown since my early childhood. So as a little bit of a get to know me I thought I’d answer some Disney related questions.

1.) Favourite Movie – The Little Mermaid, I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid. But Monsters Inc & Tangled are my other favourites for sure.

2.) Favourite Song – Tangled ‘I See The Light’

3.) Favourite Character – Ariel, shes total hair goals, plus the very obvious that she’s a mermaid. Plus I love her curiosity & adventures strike & wish I could be more like that.

4.) Favourite Princess – Just like character it has to be Ariel, but I love Rapunzel. Shes amazing, again hair goals & ability to see beauty in things that are so simple.

5.) Favourite Prince – His counted as an unofficial prince but Kristoff. His amazing, so kind & strong & caring.

6.) Favourite Heroine – Elsa from Frozen, you can see how much she struggles & doesn’t want to hurt others & knows in the end that it’s her who has to fix things.

7.) Favourite Hero – Big Hero 6’s very own Baymax, lets admit we all want one, even just to hug.

8.) Favourite Animal – Pascal from Tangled for sure, his adorable & so funny. Plus who wouldn’t want a chameleon.

9.) Your Favourite Sidekick – Sven from Frozen, his adorable, so funny & loves to help others. Plus him & Kristoff are beyond cute!

10.) Your Favourite Quote (Serious) – ‘OHANA Mean Family, Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind!’

11.) Your Favourite Quote (Funny) – ‘The Human World It’s A Mess’ so sad, buts its true!

12.) Your Favourite Kiss – Rapunzel & Eugene ‘Flynn’ Rider. It made me ‘Aww’.

13.) Your Favourite Voice (Talking) – Sulley from Monsters Inc played by John Goodman.

14.) Your Favourite Voice (Singing) – Mandy Moore, for Rapunzel in Tangled. I’m obsessed with this sound track & I love Mandy’s voice.

15.) Your Favourite Location – The area that surround Rapunzel’s towers, its so pretty & full of untouched beauty.

16.) Your Favourite Disney Opening – The Blue Castle & fireworks

17.) Your Favourite Couple – Anna & Kristoff, they are so cute & so well suited.

18.) Your Favourite Villian (Serious)- Ursula, still to this day she gives me the creeps, everything about her is bad.

19.) Your Favourite Villian (Funny) – Yzma from Emperors New Groove, shes hilarious & her sidekick Kronk is one of my favourite characters.

20.) Your Favourite Scene – From Tangled when Rapunzel & Eugene are in the boat & the lanterns are floating in the sky, the colours are incredible, this scene gives me goosebumps.

21.) Your Favourite Soundtrack – It’s a toughy but it’s gotta be Frozen, with Little Mermaid & The Jungle Book too.

22.) Your Favourite Sequel – Finding Dory, it’s brilliant & very funny, plus I adore all the vivid colours that are similar to Finding Nemo.

23.) Your Favourite PIXAR Film – Monsters Inc, I love it & could watch it every day & never get bored.

24.) Your Favourite Love Song – ‘Kiss The Girl’ from The Little Mermaid, another sing along.

25.) Your Favourite Villian Song – Cruella De Vil, it’s almost iconic. Plus almost evryone knows the words.

26.) What Moment Do You Think Is The Funniest – ’23:19′ in Monsers Inc when Geroge has to get shaved as his been contaminated by a child!

27.) What Monet Do You Think Is The Saddest – Monsters Inc, when they shred Boo’s door, I cry like a baby.

28.) Which Character Do You Think Your Most Alike – Anna, I wear my hair in piggy Tales & I have a love of family just like her.

29.) Do You Prefer Pixar or Traditional Animation – A toughy for sure, but I think Pixar just wins, I love how real life they make it, down to the tiny details, such as Sulley’s hair.

30.) What Moment Would You Want To Experience For Yourself – The Lanterns from Tangled or the Fireworks at the start of every movie.

31.) How Has Disney Made An Impact On Your Life – I quote it almost daily & I love how hearing a song/quote or even a clip from a movie can bring back a flood of memories.

32.) Your Favourite Ending – In Monsters Inc when Sulley opens Boo’s door after Mike rebuilds it & Boo says ‘Kitty’.


So I’d love if you have a similar post, or even you created a post with your answers on your Disney favourites to link them on to me or even comment a few below! I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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