*Mont Bleu, Nail Care Products

The lovely people at Mont Blue kindly gifted me some products to try out. Now I’ll admit I’m not the best when it comes to nail care – I’m a nail bitter! I’m almost ashamed, it’s an awful habit I know, but I really struggle with it, especially when my anxiety is sky high. And before you say it, yes I’ve tried the all common ways/remedies to stop, but none have worded for me, but I’m open to suggestions if you’ve got any?

So now back to the products –

I got a set of 3 nail files, a large medium & small, along with a 3 piece manicure set, coming in a leather case. This was very generous of Mont Bleu & meant I could ask others to try them.

Set of 3 Rainbow Crystal Nail Files, Hand made of Czech tempered glass [R-BMS1] (here)

This 3 piece set of files are high quality & very durable, I’ve dropped it more then one & it’s still going strong. When using nail care products hygiene matters, these files come in a pouch to protect it from any dirt. With it being finished with tempered glass it means no bacteria will be absorbed.

The set of 3 includes – large 195 mm, medium 135mm & small 90mm. Making sizes ideal for different times whether at home or on the go. The files really improve the health of your nails, preventing any breakages or splitting, while the surface is still smooth enough for cuticles & nails. The filing surface allows for shaping that is precise.

All files are made in Czech Republic & come with a lifetime guarantee, covering the filing surface. It shows how confident Mont Bleu is with their durability promise, they know their method of glass tempering is built to last.

What I love: The files really strengthen your nails & make shaping much easier. Having different sizes is very handy, especially a small one for on the go. I think they are great value for money, you’re paying for quality after all. They only thing I wish could be different is that there would be two distinctly different sizes, one more rough & one smooth. Just so I could really work on rougher parts or my nails – especially toe nails, then the lovely smooth side to finish them of nicely. But that’s just a little extra thought. I highly recommend these & the others who used them have found them great & would purchase ones themselves. Plus having a choice is colours is always a nice touch. I feel they are priced well, you really get great quality products for a reasonable price.

German 3-piece women’s manicure set in leather case (here)

Coming in an easy to open push button cowhide-leather case & available in a range of vibrant colours this manicure set contains 3 essential manicure pieces. A stainless steel nail scissors. Slant tip stainless steel tweezers, having a rubber cover making them comfortable to use & non-slip & a Mont Bleu tempered glass nail file, decorated with Swarovski crystals.

What I love: Having it so small makes it handbag friendly & ideal for travelling. I find the tweezers comfortable to use & the slant makes getting those awkward hairs much easier. The nail scissors are very sharp & give a clean tidy cut. They little file very handy & the crystals add a feminine touch. I’d highly recommend purchasing, especially if you’re looking for a good quality set. I find this set good value for money, you’re getting quality products that will last you well. 

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Want to purchase? Click their e-shop here or from Amazon here. (Use ‘BLOG’ for 20% off at their e-shop. Add the code in at the cart & the discount will be applied)

Wanting to partner with them, click here.

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(The little * is there so people know I’ve been gifted these products from the company in the hopes that I would do a little review, although there was no obligation. I just want to make sure I’m always transparent.)

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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