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Happy National Donuts Day Lovelies! 

I hope everyone is having a lovely day & can enjoy a tasty donut! – So about today’s post, the stunning ‘Gallery Blush Palette’ from Urban Decays. Having created a stunning range of makeup that can only be described as ART, Urban Decay has released their ‘Jean – Michel Basquiat’ Collection. This has to to be one of the most beautiful collections, I could easily purchase every piece in the collection, it’s just all so incredible.

One of my favourite aspects of this collection is the packaging, honestly they have added so many little details. Coming in a packaging with a canvas like texture really gives the art feel to this collection. Of course the stunning prints on each of the individual pieces makes you want to buy & display it all. Adding to the details is the stunning crown that can be seen. They pushed out the boat when they added a small ‘cutout’ on the back of the palettes so it can be hung as art, it’s an incredible touch & really added to the want of having the entire collection.

So one of the pieces I choose was the ‘Gallery Blush Palette’ containing very versatile, yet wearable shades. This face palette contains four pans, two blushes, a bronzer & a highlighter. These are based on the amazing work & paintings of Basquiat. With having such versatile shades it works with any skin tone.

The shades include: (Left to right, top to bottom)

  • Blush: X-Rated (medium pink)
  • Highlighter: Now’s The Time (gold-champagne shimmer)
  • Bronzer: Jawbone (medium bronze)
  • Blush: NOHO (radiant berry)

Each shade is so pigmented & wears well, lasting hours. I adore each of the shades & hope that I’m confident enough to eventually wear NOHO. For best results with the highlighter ‘Now’s The Time’ I spray my highlighter brush with ‘All Nighter’ setting spray, it makes it really pop, plus makes it stay put for hours.

The palette is available to purchase both in store & online from Debenhams, from Urban Decay online in the UK/US for €31/£27/$34.


I love this palette & easily recommend it & the others pieces in this collection from Urban Decay. I hoped to be able to purchase the lipstick ‘Epigram‘ &  liner ‘Anatomy‘ & luckily I’ve been able to get my hands on these beauties. Both stunning brown shades, having a warm, reddish tone – they scream autumn to me & I love it! Although the pencil is for the eyes I like combining it with the lipstick & I’m really loving them together – As I said it’s a stunning autumn combo that I know I’ll be reaching for often.


A little about Jean Michel Basquiat: A true artist Jean-Michel started drawing at a young age, his graffiti was seen across Manhattan by his teens. Leaving home at 17 he started selling his art on hand painted postcards & t-shirts (Ooh to have one of these!), in his 20’s he rose to fame in the New York art scene. He was always willing to challenge the ‘status quo’, speaking out against social injustices. A true inspiration that sadly passed away at the young age of 27. Still to this day his art is displayed throughout the world, just recently one of his iconic pieces; The painting, ‘Untitled’ – forged from oil stick and spray paint was sold for $110.5 million. 

 So did you manage to get anything from this collection, if so what did you choose? Please feel free to comment or link me on your posts, I love reading them!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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