My Colourpop Haul III

I can’t believe I’m writing up my 3rd Colourpop haul! I probably look obsessed, but I’m delighted to be adding even more Colourpop to my makeup bag. I took advantage of ‘free shipping’ & placed another order but I also took advantage of the incredible deals that Colourpop had running ‘3 for $12’ & ‘3 for $10’ on lip products & eye shadows, plus I spent enough to get 4 mini ‘Ultra Satin Lips’. I got so lucky & I’m quickly gonna share my purchases with you, because there to good not to.


Butterfly Beach‘ Highlighter – warm beige with silvery sheen, a stunning creamy texture that pops. For added glow I spray my highlighter brush with setting spray.

Birthday Suit‘ Blush – a neutral soft pink, an ideal summer blush.

Eyes: Super Shock Shadows. 

Hanky Panky‘ – a warm beige, with a matte finish. I love this for a simple easy to wear everyday shadow.

Melrose‘ – a rusty brown, again a matte finish. I love this shade & know it will be well used this coming autumn.

Mixed Tape‘ – stunning satin taupe grey with silver Satin sheen. Again I love how easy to wear yet how pretty this shade is.


Candyfloss‘ – Blotted Lip. A warm terracotta that is so autumnal. It’s so buildable & I know I’d like to try another shade or two.

‘Lumiere’ – I bought the ‘set’ including the matching lip stix & pencil. Lumiere is a dusty mauve pink, coming in a matte finish. I love this shade so much! I also bought it in the Ultra Matte Lip ‘Lumiere 2‘. I know this is gonna be a popular shade with me in the coming months.

Two other Ultra Matte Lips I bought include..

Clueless‘ – A dusty mauve, a pretty pink shade, so wearable.

Are N Be‘ – A rich mauve, again so wearable.

I love combining these two shades, it adds such depth to my lips. I love how comfortable their Matte formula is, but remember – exfoliate your lips & use a primer.

The 4 mini ‘Ultra Satin Lips’ I got –

London Fog‘ – a pinky red. Definitely not a shade I would normally choose, but actually love it. A handy red to have in my lip collection.

Prim‘ – a dark red with black tones. I actually love this shade, I might even be tempted to buy the full size.

Strip‘ – a warm beige. Easy & very wearable shade.

Frick N Frack‘ – a rosy terracotta. I love this shade & again one I might but full size.

It was a lovely touch getting these for free, they are such handy handbag size products. And as I said some were shades I wouldn’t normally buy so it was a nice way to try them out.

So there it is.. If you can’t tell I love Colourpop! I know there will be another haul in coming months, I just love their formulas. What about you? Have a favourite product(s) – share it with me, comment or link me your posts, I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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