So Fragrances – Reliving My Teenage Years

I love when an aroma fills the air & sets off a stream of emotions & memories (sadly this happens for both the good & the bad, but that is life. And I always remind myself the bad is there to make the good times even better!)

So back to the aroma thing – I happened to be strolling through my local Boots, when a certain purple packaging caught my eye. ‘So, Sinful‘ I hadn’t seen this since I was a teenagers & I couldn’t stop smiling. The amount of memories I have associated with this scent, I honestly couldn’t list them there’s so many – So I had to purchase it! Full of a range of notes: Strawberries, pineapple, violet, water-lily, jasmine, dark chocolate & vanilla. Having such a range of notes adds such a twist & it’s what I love the most!


While I was there I noticed ‘So’ also have a range of body mists I hadn’t noticed, of course I had to have a spray. The ‘Musk‘ has a stunning mix of bergamot, with some classy sandalwood & powdery musk notes. I also choose the ‘Vanilla‘ cause lets admit, who doesn’t love some dreamy vanilla aromas following you about your day!


As I said I purchased mine from my local Boots store, but know that other drug stores, as well as stores such as Tesco’s often carry ‘So Fragrances‘ at really reasonable prices. As well as having many other scents available, they have them available in eau de toilette & body sprays & mists also. I’ve also seen that they have started to do a ‘dry shampoo’ as well.


So have you ever tried any of the So Fragrances? Have a favourite, any you’d recommend? Have you any scents/aromas that triggers any emotions or memories? Comment or link me your posts, I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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