A-Z Of Self Care

Self care is essential, essential for a happy & healthy mind, body & soul! So looking for inspiration in what you can do – here’s my A-Z:

AAnimals, maybe its talking your pet for a walk or going to the zoo. Even just observing animals brings me so much calmness.

BBubble Bath, hot drink in hand & candles lit. Maybe some music or Netflix. Then it’s time to – Relax! Breath, slow deep breaths, in & out. Build a Blanket Fort, forget the world while you can.

CCreate, whether it be some crafting, colouring, some DIY/make & do or some cooking. Let yourself be creative!

DDeclutter, have a clear out. Maybe it’s your wardrobe, a room or maybe even the entire house. It helps.

EExercise, getting up & doing something. Often it’s helpful to get out & about. Eat Proper, it’s all about balance, 80/20 is meant to work, so 80% healthy, 20% treats.

FFlowers, maybe buy yourself some, or if you have some in your garden maybe pick some. Although I do admit I prefer to see them growing, so maybe buy a plant.

GGo Barefaced, 100% natural you, Embrace yourself!

H – Hug, I don’t know about you but I love a good cuddle.

I – Identify your Triggers, then Avoid. If somethings triggers you & your anxiety it’s best to know what it is & avoid it at all costs.

JJumper, ensure it’s cosy & brings extra comfort.

KKindness, throw that stuff everywhere – both on yourself & others.

LLaugh, it’s true, laughter really is the best medicine. Find people that make you happy & can make you laugh, even during the hardiest times!

MMusic, whatever you like – create a playlist & listen! Earphones in.. Meditate, some apps that can help: Calm/Headspace.

NNap, I’, a nap queen. Sleep is so important, so sometimes essential to take a nap.

OOrganise, I like lists, systems. Having everything in order. Have it your way, what works best for you. Observe, others, as well as nature – you’ll find such beauty.

PPamper, I love every little more then having a pamper session. Hair & face masks, do my nails. Whatever you like, give it a go. Sometimes it can be doing your hair & makeup or dressing up nicely.

QQuestion, never stop questioning, but if you question – find an answer!

RRead, maybe its a book, magazine or someones blog. Take some time & enjoy.

SShopping, a little retail therapy never hurt. Sign Off, spend a little less time on social media & live in the moment. Sticky Notes, fill them with funny & positive notes, then stick them about, reminding you to laugh & smile.

TTea, I love a cuppa, with just a splash of milk. Maybe you like herbal, sometimes it can be just as good.

UUnfollow & Unfriend, remove toxic. You don’t need to carry any dead weight.

VVent, whether it’s chatting with someone or writing it all down.

WWatch Tv, maybe a movie or series. Sometimes you just have to Netflix & chill.

X – ( I can’t think of any.. suggestions?)

YYell, scream & shout, let it all out! It helps!

ZZone Out, whatever suits you. Go for a walk (or run), I love a quiet walk through the forest or along the beach. Find a ‘happy’ place.

So there it is, an easy A-Z of my self care tips & tricks. Writing this has been so therapeutic & acts as a great reminder that I need to keep doing all these things regularly. So do you have a self care check list? Any tips & tricks you can share? Feel free to comment or link me your post(s), I love hearing from you.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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