Home Inspo – Office

I’m loving being able to share some home ideas with you all. I reckon that most dream of their own place, yanno a spot to make their own, I know I always have! It’s starts with your childhood bedroom, then into the first place you move into that isn’t Home, but eventually it’s the hope of having a whole place that is yours. From room to room you can splash your personality around.

So last month it was about my dream ‘Bathroom’ read here –  Today’s room of choice is the ‘Office’. I’ve always dreamt of having an office/study place, a space for creativity. If you know me your know I love to create, whether it’s my blog or endless projects I have on the go, I like to have something to pour my creativity into, to create & add to the beauty of life around me. And I can think of little that would be better then a space that is made for this. So some ideas for the space,  I like the thought of having a whole room although I can admit if I don’t have enough space in my house for an entire room to be dedicated to an office, I would be just as happy having a section of a room, maybe the spare bedroom or sitting room, maybe even a cubby in the hallway.

Like most of my other Home Inspo posts I’ve added a lot of pictures to give you the general idea. I would love a space with a nice desk, comfy chair & plenty of storage. I like the idea of a bold wallpaper, or maybe a feature wall, full of favourite pictures & pieces. I’d like it to be bright & spacious, clean & a little minimalist, but at the same time to scream my personality. I love the idea of splashes of colour & those key pieces of furniture. It’s important to make the area calm, but also inspiring enough so that your creativity can flow!

(All photos are from Pinterest. My Pinterest board from my dream office area can be found here.)

So have any plans for an office area of your own? Are you the type to want an entire room, or would you be happy with a small section in another room? Please comment, or link me similar post, I honestly love hearing from you.

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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