Brush Hygiene With The Stylpro Brush Cleaner & Dryer

In my opinion a huge part of perfect makeup application is the makeup brushes/tools you use, more importantly the clean makeup tools you use. Often cleaning your makeup brushes & tools can be quite the chore – For me I don’t mind the washing, it’s the waiting for them to dry. I’m inpatient & planning when to wash your brushes so they are dry for when you need them is annoying.

Then the ‘StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer‘ came on the scene. I’d seen it on a number of blogs & countless Instagram’s, I lusted for months & eventually bought it & I’ll admit it’s been one of my best beauty purchases to date! (That’s a big statement I know, but it’s true!) It has made the whole ‘Chore’ an easy task & the brushes are dry, yes DRY!

So a little about the StylPro – the new & revolutionary device that will clean & dry brushes in a matter of minutes, meaning it can be used again almost immediately. It works with both natural & synthetic brushes of all sizes. It can be used with soap & water or any other cleaner, they do recommend using it with the ‘StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser Solution‘. It was invented by Tom Pellereau, winner of The Apprentice.
It can be purchased in many pharmacies, or online here for just under €60.

So what you’re getting:

  • StylPro device  & 2 x AAA batteries
  • Attachment spindle
  • Cleaning bowl
  • Silicone seal and splash guard ‘neck’
  • 8 x silicone collars (different sizes)
  • Collar stand
  • Instruction leaflet

How to:

IT’S SO EASY! – Select the size collar (8 different sizes, from large to small) that fits the brush, Attach it to the device – Dunk in bowl for 20 seconds or so (*turned on, so brush is spinning, of course!) – If very dirty I often leave it a little longer – Then Dry for 30 seconds to over a minute, or until brush dry.

*I fill the bowl with a little hot water, then wipe the brush across the ‘Primark, make up cleaner‘ (a post I wrote here) & then dunk it in the water. It’s what has worked for me, I just haven’t gotten my hands on the cleanser solution yet!

So there it is, this device has changed it up for me – I was okay at keeping a routine for cleaning my brushes, now I’ve a brilliant routine. My brushes are almost always clean (I use them for a day or two & I clean them again, because it’s so quick!), I’m proud to say they are my brushes & they look so pretty when they are so clean! I don’t think I could recommend this product much more, especially if you dread the thought of washing your brushes.

The only down fall might be that you have to change the collar depending on the brush & to some it might be a bit time consuming & annoying (I know it can be a little stiff at first!) – But to be fair that all I could find as a negative!

So I hope you enjoyed that brief run through. Have you used this device? Have you any tips or tricks when it comes to cleaning your brushes? Please comment or link me on any posts you have, I love hearing from you!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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