Read It: Owning It, Your Bullsh*t Free Guide To Living With Anxiety

I love when you find a book & you just can’t put it down. This isn’t that typical kinda book but when I saw it across social media I thought it might be worth reading. I rarely go to town & not pop into the bookshop so when I saw it I had it grab it. Once home I barely put it down.

This isn’t a self help book, it’s a no bulls**t book that you can pick up when anxiety is raring it’s ugly head. Soon weeks it might be read daily, maybe even a couple of times a day. Other times it might just be on your dressers as a reminder to practice some mindfulness & show yourself some extra love.

Through this book, Caroline tells her story, with the real honest truth of what life with anxiety is like for most. But what I really love is that she explains the reasons for lots of anxiety – the way the brain works. She helps you to look honestly at yourself & your situations, identify things, make changes, try new things. She gives tips & tricks, a survival guide. Chapter 11 is brilliant, reminding you as the reader that if you too struggle with anxiety that you aren’t your anxiety, its not your personality! Caroline talks the real talk of therapy & medication, how exercise & proper eating really does make a difference.

I can’t recommend this book much more, it doesn’t have to be read in one go, I’ve read it & come back to a number of chapters at different times. It will certainly be a bedside locker book for me, a reminder when I see it to practice self love & mindfulness.  I recommend this book to everyone, whether you struggle with anxiety now or at sometime in the past or even in the future, if a loved one or friend struggles it will help you to try & understand a little. Caroline has done an incredible job with this book, I wish her continued success – I thank her greatly for writing this book!

So have you heard of or read this book? Are there any similar books, chatting about anxiety you’d recommend? Or any other books you’ve read lately & would recommend? I love hearing from you, feel free to comment or link me your posts!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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