Urban Decay, Heavy Metals Palette

Urban Decay are making it a metallic holiday season with the release of their stunning Heavy Metals Palette! I’m not normally a huge fan of metallic, I like them & think they are stunning just not really on me! But when I saw the range of shades I knew I had to add it to my collection, a palette with 20 metallics in every shade I can think of.

So the palette, coming in a stunning lavender case. Looking as though its crushed at one end, you slide the shadow tray out. As though a painting palette, you can hold it in your hand to create your look – you have 10 shades to the left, a large mirror in the centre & the remaining 10 shades to the right.

In this limit edition palette there are 20 new & exclusive metallic shades in this palette. 20 shades let you create endless metallic looks from day to night, all organized by colours – brights on the left, with neutrals on the right. The new shadow formula makes the foil effect so extreme it allows for such metallic shades that are still super smooth & buttery to work with & blend so well.  The soft & creamy texture, allows you to create such an intense & shiny metallic effect. I love working with these shades, they swatch amazing & work like a dream on the eyes.

Shades: (Column: top-bottom, left-right!) All metallic..

GROUND (black, iridescent shimmer)
SPANDEX (deep blue, a slight purple shift & blue micro-sparkle)
METALHEAD (deep purple)
MULLET (deep green)
TWISTED (gold)

ALUMINUM (warm gray-taupe with an iridescent micro-sparkle)
DIVE (medium blue)
PUNK ROCK (fuchsia)
AMP (bright teal)
GLAMROCK (silver)

BASS (bronze)
DEMO (bronze-rose)
ROADIE (burgundy)
SCREAM (mauve)

GLORY (golden bronze)
STARFIRE (bright copper)
ANGELFIRE (pale pink)
MAIDEN (beige)

I’m delight to add this palette to my collection, from the prettiest packaging to stunning shades. I highly recommend this palette to every metallic lover out there, its a must have in every palette junkies collection!

As always, Thanks for reading! Until next time!

RoaM -X-

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