Charlotte Tilbury, Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

I’m delighted to have gotten to try this stunning mask, I can’t help but feel it’s a huge luxury in my skincare routine. Anything I’ve tried from Charlotte Tilbury has been stunning & this mask is no exception.

So a dry mask – my mind still boggles at this!

Inspired by Korean Beauty this Dry Sheet Face Mask is revolutionary, I definitely (along with many others, as well as experts!) think that many brands will be coming out with dry masks in the coming months/year for sure! In the dry mask there are ingredients that have been proven to smooth, brighten & lift, as well as hydrate – giving your skin all it needs!

Apply for just 15 minutes & your skin appears instantly better. I will admit I was hesitant but from first use I loved it – once I got my head around the whole ‘dry’ idea.

Some Info about the mask – (It’s easier to share the exact words of Charlotte from her site to explain this incredible mask:)

“The mask is dry as the textile fabric has already been impregnated with tiny vectors…featuring vitamins, floral extracts, peptides, oils and butters – which are delivered directly into the third layer of the epidermis.” “Its so unique, like nothing you’ve tried before! It has an in-built technological 5 Skin Solution IQ which tailors to your skin, feeding it exactly what it needs.” “The Bio-mimetic revolutionary system gives a prolonged release of the ingredients, giving it time to immerse into your complexion.”

“Usual wet masks are mainly glycerin & water and slop on but the ingredients evaporate off of the skin after 45 minutes, This lasts for 8 HOURS!” “Because it isn’t a wet formula, it doesn’t harbour bacteria, so you can use this up to 3 times!”

I even got another use out of it, the reseal pouch is fantastic! I can say that my skin felt incredible after every use, for even 2/3 days after.

Application: (It’s very easy, I found it sat comfortably & fir my face well!)

  • Unfold your Dry Sheet Mask, place the pink side onto cleansed skin.
  • Loop top and bottom hooks over the ears, positioning the mask comfortably over the face..
  • Leave on for 15 mins – gently massage on top to activate your Dry Mask. Mask stays dry and drip free.
  • Remove the mask from your face to reveal the instant facial effect! Replace the mask in its packet, to use it again!

I purchased mine from my local Charlotte Tilbury counter in Brown Thomas for €24, I find this good value. I’ve taken into account the quality & the fact I could use it 3/4 times, plus how it made myself & my skin feel, I’m delighted to have tried the mask & know it will be one I’ll be repurchasing & definitely recommending it to other – especially if you’re a face mask junkie/lover!

As always, Thanks for reading & until next time!

RoaM -X-

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