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Food: French Toast

I've become a brunch person & I love it. One of my newest favourites has to be french toast, so I'm gonna share the recipe with you all. Equipment: Non stick pan Egg flip Serving plate & cutlery Ingredients: Oil - for cooking Bread - sliced loaf, but tiger bread is delicious also. Eggs -… Continue reading Food: French Toast

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Food: Breakfast Believing!

So we know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you're told this from a young age but I can't stress it enough just how true these words are. It sets you up for the day, gets you started & gives you energy to have a productive day. Whether its a bowl of… Continue reading Food: Breakfast Believing!

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Food: Taco Bowls

Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines, I'm a huge fan of Boojum when I lunch out. When it comes to dinner at home I'm more then happy to make fajitas or tacos, but when i want to avoid heavy carbs I always decide on a taco bowl. What you'll need: Sweet potatoes (cut into… Continue reading Food: Taco Bowls

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Drink: Detox Water

Drinking water can be difficult, some find the taste bland or unpleasant, while others it’s just out of habit that they will reach for another drink such as tea, coffee, juice or even a fizzy drink. I suffer with terrible headaches if I don’t drink enough, yet at times I find plain water just too… Continue reading Drink: Detox Water

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Food: My Pasta Bake

One of my favourite dinners if I want something comforting and tasty has to be my pasta bake. What you’ll need: pasta (farfelle, fusilli, penne) tin of tomatoes tomato puree (25g) cream (250g) onion (diced) garlic (puree) vegetables (your own choice –, broccoli, carrot, courgette, mushrooms, peppers ) cheese – cheddar and any cheese you… Continue reading Food: My Pasta Bake

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Food: A ‘Cheat Day’ Tray

A little while back I decided I would try the ‘Paleo’ diet, during this I eat clean for 7 days and then I would take a ‘Cheat Day.’ On this day I was allowed anything I wanted. I came across this recipe on Instagram and wanted to try it out, I couldn’t find a name… Continue reading Food: A ‘Cheat Day’ Tray