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So Fragrances – Reliving My Teenage Years

I love when an aroma fills the air & sets off a stream of emotions & memories (sadly this happens for both the good & the bad, but that is life. And I always remind myself the bad is there to make the good times even better!) So back to the aroma thing - I… Continue reading So Fragrances – Reliving My Teenage Years

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Makeup: Urban Decay, UDxBasquiat

Happy National Donuts Day Lovelies!  I hope everyone is having a lovely day & can enjoy a tasty donut! - So about today's post, the stunning 'Gallery Blush Palette' from Urban Decays. Having created a stunning range of makeup that can only be described as ART, Urban Decay has released their 'Jean - Michel Basquiat'… Continue reading Makeup: Urban Decay, UDxBasquiat

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Primark Pamper

There's very little more that I love more then a long hot bubble bath & a pamper session, having the candles lit, drink in hand & just chill. I enjoy trying new products during these pamper sessions, so lately I've been trying some Primark (Penneys to those of us in Ireland) products. In recents months… Continue reading Primark Pamper

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Edge Of Ember – Cara Rose Cuff

Having been lucky enough to win the competition that Spectrum Collection ran in connection with Edge Of Ember  I got this stunning rose gold 'Cara Rose Cuff' & I love it. When it arrived I just spent ages looking it, the detail is incredible & its stunning rose gold finish *insert heart eyes here* This cuff… Continue reading Edge Of Ember – Cara Rose Cuff

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Make Up Favourites – Primers

This months edition to 'Makeup Favourites' is all about primers, I'll admit I've not tried to many brands just yet but hope to branch out more in the coming months/year. I'm going to share my favourite 3 at the minute. I tested out some Samashbox primers & I admit was extremely happy having so much… Continue reading Make Up Favourites – Primers

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Makeup: Barry M ‘Lip Kits’

Lip kits are items that have grown in popularity, espcially since the release of Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. I'd love to try some of the Kylie Lip Kits, but I'll admit to you now - between the price & shipping, plus the dreaded customs charge I just can't justify myself making a purchase. So when… Continue reading Makeup: Barry M ‘Lip Kits’

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Makeup: Urban Decay, Vice Liquid Lipstick

Happy March lovelies, honestly this year is flying by already. It's starting to feel a little like spring with each day that passes. With Spring its nice to brighten up your makeup looks. With that I often try to find a new product or two to try & when I heard Urban Decay were releasing… Continue reading Makeup: Urban Decay, Vice Liquid Lipstick