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Lush, Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

Finally a black bath bomb - All Black Everything 🖤 This bath bomb is mega crafty, it's dark grey exterior fools you into things it's gonna be a dark one, a stunning display of rolling happens (as long as it's fresh!) it then bursts into bright beautiful shades of yellow, orange, pink & green! I… Continue reading Lush, Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

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Lush: Roller Bath Bomb

To start I'll just let you know this is  a very picture heavy post, but I'll admit I felt it was the only way to show the true beauty of this bath bomb. I wanted to get my hands on a Roller bath bomb for ages, after 2 failed attempts (honestly this beauty sells out… Continue reading Lush: Roller Bath Bomb

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Lush: #FaceMaskFriday

So happy Friday lovelies! With it being Friday I thought I'd share some of my favourite face masks with you, I love faces masks a lot but I'll admit my favourites are all from Lush. As you'll see from the pictures they are well loved & used! So starting off #FaceMaskFriday with an old favourite:… Continue reading Lush: #FaceMaskFriday

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Lush: Lushoween 2016

Its Halloween, I hope everyone has a safe & enjoyable night! With it being Halloween I thought it only appropriate that I shared my Lushoween post today! These are just the products I've tried from the Lush Halloween range, there are of course other products well worth trying. Bath Bombs: Lord of Misrule - (£3.95)… Continue reading Lush: Lushoween 2016

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Lush: Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

If I'm not obsessing over Urban Decay I'm often talking about Lush. Another brand that holds a big place in my heart, I love their values & approach to a business. Today I decided I wanted to chat about 'Damaged' one of their Hot Oil Treatments for your hair. Its essentially like a hair mask,… Continue reading Lush: Damaged Hot Oil Treatment