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Home Inspo – Office

I'm loving being able to share some home ideas with you all. I reckon that most dream of their own place, yanno a spot to make their own, I know I always have! It's starts with your childhood bedroom, then into the first place you move into that isn't Home, but eventually it's the hope… Continue reading Home Inspo – Office

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My A-Z Of Self Care

Self care is essential, essential for a happy & healthy mind, body & soul! So looking for inspiration in what you can do - here's my A-Z: A - Animals, maybe its talking your pet for a walk or going to the zoo. Even just observing animals brings me so much calmness. B - Bubble… Continue reading My A-Z Of Self Care

• B E A U T Y •

Makeup: Urban Decay, Naked Skin ‘Shapeshifter’

The Urban Decay obsession continues. Today I'm chatting about the stunning Naked Skin 'Shapeshifter' palette. Yes another palette, but I'm justifying it as its got a range of products all in one  handy palette. The 'Shapeshifter' palette has been created to have have your contour, colour correct & highlight all together in one sturdy, yet… Continue reading Makeup: Urban Decay, Naked Skin ‘Shapeshifter’

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So Fragrances – Reliving My Teenage Years

I love when an aroma fills the air & sets off a stream of emotions & memories (sadly this happens for both the good & the bad, but that is life. And I always remind myself the bad is there to make the good times even better!) So back to the aroma thing - I… Continue reading So Fragrances – Reliving My Teenage Years

• P E R S O N A L •

Planning Some Piercings

I love piercings, I love how addictive they are & since it's been almost 3 years since my last one, it's now time to start some piercing planning. I already have 7 piercings including my 'Helix' & 'Tragus' & I love them, but I want to add to my ears now. I love the thought… Continue reading Planning Some Piercings

• B E A U T Y •

Makeup: My Colourpop Haul III

I can't believe I'm writing up my 3rd Colourpop haul! I probably look obsessed, but I'm delighted to be adding even more Colourpop to my makeup bag. I took advantage of 'free shipping' & placed another order but I also took advantage of the incredible deals that Colourpop had running '3 for $12' & '3… Continue reading Makeup: My Colourpop Haul III

• P R O D U C T S •

Read It: The Glam Guide

I love sharing all these books with you all. So this month I thought I'd share 'The Glam Guide' as this months 'Read It'. I love how Fleur's personality shines through this book, she shares tips & tricks on a range of topics in any easy to read manner. Topics such as beauty, fashion, travel… Continue reading Read It: The Glam Guide